Tuesday, August 2, 2016

I'm Back, and I'm Fit

I had been intending to lose weight and improve my body composition for quite some time.  I was not obese (not even close), but I had gained weight since college and I was starting to feel uncomfortable in my own skin.  It wasn't a matter of me not loving myself or accepting my body, but it was a desire to make improvements and achieve better health.  And yes, I did want to look better.  I don't consider myself overly vain but all of us want to feel good about ourselves and have a healthy self-esteem. 

One of my issues was I didn't know exactly how to get started on this fitness journey.  I decided to buy one of those infomercial gadgets designed to train the abdominal muscles.  The commercial promised I'd get a flatter stomach within a few weeks, but that didn't happen.  I learned that training those "core" muscles is important, but it really doesn't give you a flat tummy.  In order to reach that goal you have to train your whole body and (more importantly) implement a sensible diet plan. 

It was back to square one for me, but I found something worthwhile.  I checked out the Venus workout program and I noticed that it had several favorable reviews online: http://musclereview.net/the-venus-factor-review/.  I studied carefully and realized this plan would be worth a try.  It seemed like there were a lot of people in my situation who had experienced really good results from it.  I guess a personal trainer would have been an even better option, but I just don't have the budget for that. 

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with this program.  There's always the possibility that something you buy online will be just some kind of scam.  But the Venus Factor was really what I needed.  I just put my measurements in the calculator (part of the program) and followed the recommendations for both exercise and diet.  I also joined a gym, by the way.  I was armed with the training information I needed so it was time to get serious. 

Following the diet and training took effort and discipline on my part, but I knew this would not be easy.  I kept going to the gym week after week and watched my diet meticulously.  At first I didn't notice any difference except being sore.  But after a few weeks I started noticing my weight going down and my clothes fitting more loosely. 

I saw a really big change after committing 12 weeks to the Venus Factor program.  I had lost weight and was able to start fitting in smaller clothes (I haven't worn some of these since college).  Now that I've started this journey there is no turning back--I'm going to keep sculpting my physique until I have my dream body.  I may end up looking better than I did in my younger days.